2019 Jeep Cherokee
Lot Number:98
Start Time:5/24/2024 8:00:00 PM
End Time:5/28/2024 3:33:27 PM
Bid Count:5
Current High Bidder:5054 (New Brunswick)
Starting Bid:$5,000.00
Bid Increment:$250.00
Current Bid:$6,000.00CAD
Bidding complete
Reserve not met

A 10% Buyer's Premium will be added to the final Sales Price (MIN. $95 - MAX. $950). All applicable taxes will be assessed based on the sum of the sales price and buyer's premium.



MVI:NS 10/25
MILEAGE:190,954 KM
INTERIOR COMMENTS:Carpet/seat/headliner stains
EXTERIOR - COMMENTS:Front left fender scratches/paint chip, Front left door scratches/paint chip, Front left door sill scratches/paint chip, Rear left door scratches/paint chip, Rear left door sill scratches/paint chip, Rear left fender scratches/paint chip, Trunk scratches/paint chip, Rear bumper scratches/paint chip, Rear right fender scratches/paint chip, Rear right door scratches/paint chip, Front right door scratches/paint chip, Front right door sill scratches/paint chip, Front right fender scratches/paint chip, Hood scratches/paint chip, Front bumper scratches/paint chip/grill broken/trim unclipped, Roof scratches/paint chip, window tinted
TIRE COMMENTS:Front 60%, Rear 70%

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An "online only bidding" auction featuring an assortment of assets from various consignors that are sold unreserved to the highest and final bidder. VIEWING IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - VIEWING HOURS ARE 9:00AM TO 4:00PM, MONDAY TO FRIDAY UP TO THE DAY THE AUCTION CLOSES.

Customers may bid using either a mobile device, tablet, desktop or laptop.

IMPORTANT - Certain devices (mobile phones and tablets especially) will "sleep" after a period of inactivity. If this happens you will need to refresh the bidding console. To avoid this you can go into your devices settings and under the display option you can extend the time threshold. Most devices are automatically set for only 30 seconds. When Bidding Online please note there is a 30 second time extensions.

All vehicles will be offered under three (3) different sales status'...

·       RED LIGHT - SOLD AS IS, WHERE IS - No warranties or guarantees whatsoever on any of the components, the engine, transmission, drivetrains, electrical system, frame or odometer accuracy. Any vehicle sold "Unreserved / AS IS" is not eligible for any arbitration.

YELLOW LIGHT QUALIFIES FOR POST SALE CHECKLIST WITH EXCEPTIONS AND LIMITATIONS – Post sale checklist can still be done on qualifying yellow light vehicles, but will not include any declarations made. All Hyundai and Kia branded vehicles with over 100,000 KMS are not subject to arbitrations for engine issues/noises. (unless noted by consignor of new engine)

GREEN LIGHT - QUALIFIES FOR A POST SALE CHECKLIST - The successful buyer can request to have a post sale checklist (additional fee) on the major components performed by an independent garage. 

WHAT DOES THE POST SALE CHECKLIST COVER? - An independent garage will road test the vehicle and verify the functionality of the transmission and drivetrain, pay attention to the engine performance, put it on a hoist and inspect the frame for damage. For a green light vehicle to be eligible for arbitration, a post sale inspection must be conducted prior to leaving the auction site by a third-party mechanic within1 week following the auction date.

WHAT IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE CHECKLIST? - The independent garage does not check the regular maintenance items that include (and not limited to) brakes, rotors, calibers, ball joints, suspensions, tires, shocks, struts, hoses, lubricants/liquids, exhaust systems, lights, air conditioners and convenience items (cruise control, windows, radios, power mirrors, etc). 

WHAT IS THE COST? WHAT IF SOMETHING IS FOUND? - The additional cost to have a post sale checklist is $150(+TAX) and this is non-refundable. If one of the major components is found to have a defect that exceeds $750.00 (pre tax) in parts to repair, the buyer has the option to either outright cancel the sale or negotiate a new selling price with the consignor. If the sale is cancelled, the buyer will be refunded in full, including buyers fee and administration fee, but the post sale checklist fee will be retained. 

WHEN DO I NEED TO DECIDE? WHAT IF I ELECT NOT TO HAVE A POST SALE CHECKLIST PERFORMED? - You must decide on if you want a post sale checklist before the end of the following business day or before the vehicle leaves our compound. If you elect to not have a post sale checklist performed, you will acknowledge (by initial) on your sales agreement that you declined and the vehicle status will then reflect RED LIGHT - SOLD AS IS.

ARE CERTAIN VEHICLES NOT SUBJECT TO A POST SALE CHECKLIST? The following vehicles do not qualify for a post sale checklist no matter the year, mileage or selling price...

    1. Any vehicle owned by a Federal, Provincial or Municipal government.
    2. Any vehicle owned by a public utility or service commission.
    3. Any vehicle that was previously used as a first response unit (Fire, Police, ambulance, CVE, Sheriff, etc).
    4. Any vehicle used as a taxi or limousine.
    5. Any vehicle sold with a salvage or rebuilt title/ownership/registration.
    6. Any vehicle sold as Inoperable, not-running or static.
    7. Any vehicle where the Carfax report refers to it as a write off, total loss, junked or lemon.
    8. Any Truck that has been lifted do not qualify for drivetrain, rear end or frame as they have been modified.
    9. Any Recreational vehicle including (but not limited to) ATV's, Quads, golf carts, motorcycles, snowmobiles, boats, PWC's, utility trailers and travel trailers.
    10. Any vehicle that is being Sold Unreserved – not requiring vendors approval, will be Sold As is – Red Light.
    11. Any vehicle that has a sale price of $4000 or under will be sold Red Light- AS IS.  
    12. Any Vehicle 10 years or older are sold Red Light – AS IS.
    13. Any Vehicle with over 250,000 kms are sold Red Light - AS IS.

Please note - Consignors have the right to choose which status they want their vehicles to be sold under and may elect to "Green Light" a vehicle that would normally be sold AS-IS. 


  1. No bidder shall retract their bids. All sales are final. 
  2. Bidders are responsible for all purchases made on their online bid number. Please do not share your username/password with anyone. Bidder must notify the auction immediately if they suspect their login credentials have been compromised.
  3. Unless otherwise identified, all items are sold AS-IS, WHERE-IS with no warranties expressed, written or implied. 
  4. The winning bidder shall pay in addition to the purchase price all applicable buyers fees, admin fees, requested services and HST.
  5. All bidders must validate a credit card in order to bid. The auctioneer may at their discretion waive the credit card validation however this is subject to the bidder supplying specific financial information at least one (1) week in advance of an auction. This includes (but not limited to) financial stability letter from a bank, stand-by letter of credit, pre-approved loan, wire transfer of deposit, auction references. 
  6. Credit card validation is outsourced through Moneris. No credit card information is stored by the auctioneer. Online bidders will have a hold placed on their card until the conclusion of the auction. Successful bidders will have the hold converted to a deposit with all unsuccessful bidders having their hold released within 24 hours.
  7. Full payment is due 48 hours following the conclusion of the auction by either credit card (up to $2500), wire transfer or eTransfer. Buyers may also elect to pay (in person) at our office with either cash or debit. We do not accept paypal at this time.
  8. Failure to pay for any purchase in full will result in the buyer losing their auction privileges. Any deposits or services provided (ie: Post Sale Checklists) will be kept.
  9. The auctioneer will not release goods if the buyer has any outstanding charges due. 
  10. A Buyers premium is applied to all items sold by the auctioneer. Each type of auction carries a different buyers premium. Please refer to each auctions terms and conditions as the buyers premium is clearly outlined.
  11. Successful buyers are encouraged to properly ensure (if applicable) their purchase(s) once full payment has been made.
  12. All registrations/titles/ownerships will be handled, processed and transferred by the auctioneer in a timely fashion once full payment has been made. 
  13. Consignors are forbidden to bid on their own lots. Any consignor caught bidding on their own asset will immediately lose their auction privileges and the asset will be resold in a future auction. The consignor will be charged both commissions (buyer and seller) along with a $500.00 administration fee.
  14. Carfax vehicle history reports are provided to ensure buyers have all the information. The auctioneer is not responsible for any of the information that appears on this report and buyers cannot cancel any sale in the event of a discrepancy on a Carfax report.
  15. The auctioneer will report the odometer reading of every vehicle and supply a digital photograph. In the event a vehicle is stated to be in kilometers when it is actually measured in miles AND a clear photo of the odometer and cluster is provided, the sale will not be cancelled. It is the responsibility of the buyer to review each picture.
  16. The auctioneer will not cancel a sale if a provincial safety inspection sticker is suspected of being fraudulent or not valid. 
  17. The online & printed catalogue are prepared based on information provided to us by the consignor and may contain written inaccuracies, typo's, errors or omissions. VIEWING IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Jardine Auctioneers staff policy is to not offer any opinions of fitness or value and will not be held liable in the event this occurs. 
  18. The Listing Catalogue has been prepared as a guide only, based on information from sources believed to be reliable and from the Consignor; however, its accuracy cannot be guaranteed or warranted. No sale shall be invalidated; nor shall Auctioneers be liable as a result of defects or inaccuracies in the Listing Catalogue.                
  19.  Bidder acknowledges that all Auction Lots were available for inspection prior to the auction and that it is their responsibility to inspect all equipment and to make their own inquiries prior to bidding. (Please attend the auction site to preview and inspect items prior to bidding on any item either on the auction site sale day or prior to bidding on any lot via the internet)
  20. Auctioneers, Consignors, and Staff have the authority to adjust, manipulate and remove assets from auctions at any point.
  21. Any clarifications regarding the above terms and conditions must be made prior to entering any auction (live or online).


Bidders must supply a credit card and agree to a $500.00 hold in order to bid on the vehicles. Upon completion of the auction all successful bidders shall have their credit card hold of $500.00 converted to a deposit and all unsuccessful bidders will have their hold immediately released.

The Bidder grants to the Auctioneers a Security interest in the Purchases, to secure payment of the purchased price. In the event of Non-payment, the Auctioneers may proceed to file the Bidder Registration Agreement as a Financing statement to protect the security interest granted by this Security Agreement including applicable fees.


Full payment is due 48 hours following the completion of the auction sale. Successful buyers may follow the link provided to make full payment through our online payment method (Moneris). Invoices that exceed $2500 must be settled by means other than credit card. Buyers may also choose to wire transfer, Etransfer or visit our office to pay by debit, cash or by bank issued cashiers cheque. Credit facilities such as AFC may also be used for all qualified buyers.


10% of the hammer price ($95 min charge, $950 max charge)

Administration fee - Applied to all purchases (Automotive or Equipment) that require a Provincial registration transfer.

  • If hammer price is $975 or lower - $75
  • If hammer price is $1000 or higher - $185


8% of the hammer price ($300 min charge, $2300 max charge)

Administration fee - Applied to all purchases that require a Provincial registration transfer.

  • If hammer price is $975 or lower - $75
  • If hammer price is $1000 or higher - $185


12% of the hammer price


$55 applied to the purchase of any asset in our Heavy Equipment or Automotive Auctions when using our online bidding software


Buyers must have their purchases picked up based on the following deadlines...

  • TIMED AUCTIONS (ONSITE) - Items must be removed no later than seven (7) days following the conclusion of the auction.
  • TIMED AUCTIONS (OFFSITE) - Items must be removed no later than five (5) days following the conclusion of the auction. 
  • AUTOMOTIVE AUCTIONS - Items must be removed no later than ten (10) days following the conclusion of the auction.
  • EQUIPMENT AUCTIONS - Items must be removed no later than fourteen (14) days following the conclusion of the auction.
  1. All items that have not been picked up once the removal period has expired are subject to storage and handling fees being applied.
  2. Offsite timed auctions are strictly enforced. All items that have not been picked up after the removal period expires will be picked up by our transportation division and brought to our auction facility at the buyers expense. 
  3. Any purchase that has not been picked up within thirty (30) days following the expiration of the removal period shall be deemed abandoned and subsequently resold in the next available auction. All commissions, storage and handling fees shall be deducted from the proceeds.

4.     All items Purchased become the responsibility of, and shall be at the risk of, Purchaser upon acceptance of their bid. It shall be the responsibility of Purchaser to insure his purchases immediately. The Auctioneer shall not be responsible for loss or damage to any Purchase. Items not picked up will be reconsigned for next auction. Storage and commission will be charged.

 Handling Fees

Automotive - $25 per vehicle/ATV, $50 for salvage/inoperable, $75 for travel trailers/boats

Storage Fees

Automotive - $18 a day per vehicle, ATV, salvage/inoperable. $25 a day for trailers & boats.

Jardine Auctioneers will make every reasonable attempt to work with buyers that are experiencing difficulty making transportation arrangements so that unnecessary storage and handling fees are avoided. 

New Brunswick

Successful buyers are required to have their purchases removed within 7 days following the conclusion of the auction. The auction reserves the right to charge storage and handling fees for all items that are not picked up within the removal period. All items that have not been picked up after 30 days following the conclusion of the auction sale shall be deemed abandoned and subsequently resold in the next timed auction with commission, storage and handling fees deducted.